Monday, March 8, 2010

Just Another Manic Monday

Whenever the sun fails to perform its prescribed duty of shining my psychological balance is tipped towards the gloomy. As the sun is hiding today, shirking its responsibility, I am fighting a feeling of what can only be described as "blah". I find myself contemplating ways to improve my mood. Writing always makes me feel better, therefore I am blogging.
I am at work right now. You might wonder how I have time to pen this while at my job. Well, the truth is, I am a clerk at a retail store that gets virtually no business. In my five-hour shift, I am lucky if I have a total of ten customers. It gets mighty boring. I'm not complaining. I know that there are plenty of people out there who would give anything to have a job to go to, boring or not. I usually bring my knitting or crocheting with me, but, today I couldn't place my hands upon it without having to search and I didn't want the frustration of trying to locate it in this black hole of a house I live in.
Things disappear in my house. Not just socks in the washing machine either. Big things. Clothes drying racks. Laundry hampers. Crock pots. Artificial Christmas trees. I have no explanation for these lost objects. I must be too good at finding novel storage spaces for them (a useless skill, by the way, if one can't remember where one has placed the items.)
I'm making progress on cleaning my house. I've decided that the first step HAS to be emptying it. With our roomy van jam-packed with donations gleaned from my home-sweet-mess, we made four trips to the local thrift store. I'm not sure how many bags and boxes of "STUFF" that we removed from the house, but it was a lot. I started with a new roll of garbage bags and now that same roll is feeling pathetically thin.
Well, it's time to wait on a customer. More later.....

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