Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wednesday's Child is Full of Woe

Maybe you are familiar with an old traditional nursery rhyme that starts: Monday's child is fair of face..... The poem continues to assign characteristics for the children born on each of the various days. Well, I decided to end the in-utero experience mid-week on a Wednesday morning and, accordingly, I am "full of woe" if the little ditty is correct. (Some people who know me might agree that I am full of something, but they would say it was something other than woe.)
I try hard to be cheerful, but I must admit, I have a rather damp disposition. Even on a beautiful day such as it is today with sunshine spilling across the sidewalks and a boisterous breeze wrapping flags around their poles, I am more on the sullen side of life. Many acquaintances I've had over the years have expressed the opinion that I think too much. (I think that in the end a balance is struck--my seriousness and inclination to ponder cancel out those people in life who never think.)

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