Sunday, January 31, 2010

There Goes Another Piece of Me

Okay. I've gone and entered into the blogosphere. It seems sort of strange and scary to express and record my thoughts like this--not knowing IF anyone will read this and IF someone does, not knowing WHO that someone might be. I feel very self-conscious, as well. I'm probably not writing very clearly. (My brain has been pushed beyond its processing capabilities trying to master certain computer concepts.) If I am making grammatical errors, please be kind and let me make them in my comfortable state of ignorance. Normally, I would care about my personal lapses in literacy, but, tonight, I am just too tired. Maybe you know the feeling. Pure exhaustion. Total depletion of energy. Someone could yell, "FIRE", and I would say, "Yeah. Okay. Whatever." For this reason, I shall terminate this brief foray into cyber communication and enter into a state of sleep. Good night. It's been nice meeting you, stranger.